Here is your To-Do list if you will be owning, training or driving a trotter in 2022.


1.  APPLY for your BHRC licences as normal. AFTER you have received your licence letter from the BHRC, apply for your TROTBritain licence/s, which will be free in 2022 to BHRC licence holders, but must be applied for. You cannot race a trotter without TROTBritain licences for owner, trainer, driver and groom/assistant . Have your BHRC licence number to hand to enter on our form. (You can apply for TROTBritain Associate status (£10) at the same time. Payment only by debit/credit card via Stripe.)

Go to

2.  FOLLOW the BHRC procedures and rules regarding Payment of Race Fees, Training Fees, Notification of horses in training and Flu vaccination
[We have decided to accept these charges and procedures as ours for the transitional year 2022. We are purchasing these services from the BHRC with trotting money recovered from it, under our HRBGB agreement.]
N.B. 28 days before the first Qualifiers on 17 April is MARCH 20.

3.  PAY INITIAL SEASON FEE (500 for 6 runs) for a horse, at least 3 days BEFORE entries close for its first race.

Go to

Later, you can top-up for 6 more runs by going to
or for 3 more runs by going to

4.  ENTER YOUR HORSE for Race (and Qualifier/Workout) – after consulting Race Calendar

Aged (5yo and over) go to

Junior (3 and 4yo) go to

Note that you pay Qualifier and Workout charges direct to the track not to TROTBritain.


Apply for your TROTBritain licence if you want to stage trotting races. Free on application in 2022, if affiliated to BHRC. AFTER affiliation is in place

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