Under the Dunshea Agreement ratified by the BHRC on 8 August, TROTBritain became the Governing Body of Trotting Horseracing in Great Britain on 1 January 2022. The BHRC became the Governing Body of Pacing. The two organisations are the equal members of the Harness Racing Board of Great Britain (HRBGB). HRBGB is the platform where the BHRC and TROTBritain make decisions on matters defined as being of common interest to Pacing and Trotting.

TROTBritain refers to itself as the Governing Body of Trotting Horseracing. This usage is necessary to affirm that Trotting is indisputably a form of horseracing, in fact the major form of horseracing in most of Europe. This change in our status made us eligible for full membership of the European Trotting Union (UET), which we hope to achieve in 2023.

TROTBritain has no interest in interfering with pacing and, while the advance of each gait will be due mainly to its own efforts, we believe respectful collaboration can be a win-win for both. Many people are involved in both pacing and trotting. Their institutional separation need pose no problem for either going forward, so long as the very clear distinction between them is part of everyone’s mindset.

The basic principle, made clear in the Dunshea Agreement, and the Terms of Reference for HRBGB, is that in determining policy on matters of common interest, there is equality between trotting and pacing – between TROTBritain and the BHRC. This may lead to the same policies and rules, or to different policies and rules.

In relation to the implementation of policies, the basic principles that will be followed by TROTBritain are procedural efficiency, proportionate financing and non-discriminatory behaviour.


As in the case of most licences (e.g., a driving licence), possession of a TROTBritain licence will simply permit the holder to pursue their occupation or chosen role in trotting horseracing legitimately. To contribute to our internal governance process and participate in awards and events organised by TROTBritain, they should apply to become an Associate (£15 for 2023)

Le Trot

While TROTBritain remains the chosen custodian of Le Trot sponsorship of races confined to Trotteurs Français, its status as Governing Body of Trotting Horseracing is a completely separate matter and relates to all trotting horseracing and all breeds.

As expected we have heard ‘This is not the way we do this’ often in 2022. We will respect the past, when and where it deserves, but not be prisoners of it.

We wish everyone great successes of whatever sort they wish for in 2023, the second year of this new era.