Apart from Musselburgh, we race only left-handed (‘corde a gauche). In France much trotting is right-handed, including that at major tracks such as Cabourg (pictured) , Caen and Vichy. And dozens of the grass venues are right-handed (‘corde a droit’). So the vast majority of our Sale horses will have raced right-handed, even if one of our stipulations for selection is that they are proven left-handed.

TROTBritain is therefore happy to offer tracks the possibility of running Le Trot events right-handed, subject to meeting the official requirements, including safety. There are only two provisos.  To avoid inequities in framing and undesirable complications on the day all the Le Trot events on a day must be right-handed (or left-handed). Secondly, provision should be made for safe right-handed warm-up before racing.

Promoters should notify everyone of their intention to run their Le Trots right-handed at a specific meeting as the decision is made and at least 2 weeks before the close of entries for that meeting. TROTBritain will assume they have met all official requirements in so advertising.

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