We are now taking deposits of £350 for horses to be acquired in our annual Sale.

We will select the horses in the week beginning 30 October. As usual we will be trialling the horses with our own drivers and we will be continuing the vet scanning introduced last year.

The horses will be aged 5 – 9 in 2024 (“E” to “I”) and will be qualified to run in GB in 2024.

Price per horse this time will be £3950, transport and duties included. For well-known reasons connected with rising prices, including those for transport, and some exchange rate deterioration, this is £100 higher than last year.

Order of deposit will determine who gets horses, if there are insufficient ones that meet our standards. It will also determine order of draw from the hat. Only submission of the form, with deposit, counts – no verbal statements of intention can be registered.

For the deposit form go to https://trotbritain.org/2022-sale-deposit/

You can specify Mare or Gelding, and should do so in the light of the fact that mares are treated much more favourably than geldings in the entry rating. A Gelding’s entry rating is 10% of their € lifetime earnings, capped at 3200. A Mare’s entry rating is 10% of their € lifetime earnings, capped at 1600.

Horses will not arrive until a few days after the drawing of lots, but please be clear that you are the owner of the horse from the moment you draw it. (The remainder of payment is due by bank transfer before their arrival.)

TROTBritain does not buy the horses and Le Trot does not sell them. We are both facilitating transactions between individual French sellers and individual British buyers.

ALL QUERIES REGARDING THE SALE OR SALE VISIT should be addressed to Bill Green on 07821 370489 or by email to couchdoctor56@gmail.com

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