Under the Dunshea Agreement of 2021 TROTBritain becomes the Governing Body of trotting in Great Britain*. It is an equal party, with the British Harness Racing Club, in Harness Racing GB – the joint council of the two independent organisations that makes decisions about matters of common interest to pacing (Governing Body: BHRC) and trotting (Governing Body: TROTBritain).

As Governing Body of trotting in Great Britain and unaffiliated to a body which organises pacing races, it becomes eligible to be a full member of the European Trotting Union (UET), having been an invited member since 1994.

Since 2014 TROTBritain has been working closely in association with the International Department of Le Trot, the governing body of trotting in France, to promote the purchase, racing and breeding of Trotteur Français in Great Britain. It is, however, committed to the promotion of all breeds of trotter, according to the support and interest expressed.

*Dear Trot Britain
We are pleased to announce after a vote on August 2nd the British Harness Racing Club (BHRC) Committee voted to sanction the governance of all trotting races to Trot Britain from January 1st, 2022, as per the proposed model set out by Brant Dunshea.The BHRC wish Trot Britain and all its stakeholders good luck for the future as they enter a new exciting chapter for the sport, with the ultimate aim of gaining British admission to the UET.
The BHRC look forward to a productive working relationship with Trot Britain in the future.
Yours in sport
Darren Owen
BHRC Chairman
(On behalf of the Directors of the BHRC)
7 August 2021

Dear Darren
Thank you for the good news that the BHRC has agreed to the proposed restructuring of governance, as laid out in the the Dunshea proposal. Under it TROTBritain becomes the Governing Body of Trotting, working with the BHRC, as the Governing Body of Pacing, on matters of common interest, through the independently-chaired Harness Racing GB Board.
This finally makes us eligible for UET membership and the benefits it will bring to our drivers and other stakeholders. More important, it means that people primarily committed to trotting will determine the future of trotting in this country and those primarily committed to pacing will determine that of pacing. That said, we believe that, working on common matters within the Harness Racing GB Board framework, we can foresee increasingly efficient and successful outcomes for both codes.
We note that your proposal for ‘one man one vote’ within the BHRC was also passed, but this must not be allowed to affect the operations of HR GB…
Kind regards
Bill Green
Chair TROTBritain
11 August 2021

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