Amman Valley’s big day saw winning debuts for Histoire de Crouay (Steven Williams) in the Matty Thomas Le Trot and a third success of the year for Black Williams (Rhun Wilson) in the Outcasts Le Trot. The trotting was topped off by a cracking duel between old rivals Couer de Venise (Rhun Wilson) and Calimero Brouets (Mike Evans) in the White Hart at Llandeilo FFA. Rhun’s win took him to 15 for the year and a healthy lead in the table over Rocker Laidler and Richard Haythornthwaite.

Histoire de Crouay (Steven Williams) Credit:
Black Williams (Rhun Wilson) Credit
Calimero Brouets (Mike Evans) and Couer de Venise (Rhun Wilson) Credit Owen Morgan